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Dec. 26th, 2009

Baker Street Trio

Francis Urquhart > Lord Blackwood

Just got back from seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and, well, without spoiling anything, I thought it left quite a bit to be desired. There were parts I liked, but, well....

They pronounced it Le-STRAHD.

Five minutes into the movie, and I was already done. Don't care about the bull pup. Or Adler. Or the mention of Mycroft. Or all the other delightfully bizarre shit they show Holmes doing. They pronounced it Le-STRAHD. Your argument is invalid.

>_> On a side note, there is (again without spoiling anything) a scene in Parliament. Perhaps it was the Colin Jeavons withdrawal I was suffering the entire film, or the fact that there were scenes from House of Cards that were filmed at similar angles, but I had the best mental image of Blackwood trying his shit on Urquhart. It would be fabulous. Also, Stamper could kick Blackwood's ass at squash.



Nov. 12th, 2009

Growing Up Cullen!

I'm still alive!

It occurs to me that I haven't been very active on LJ lately. Not that this is much of a surprise to anyone who knows me. XD But rest assured that I am still here and am working diligently (if reeeeeaally slowly) on my fic in progress. Thought I'd give an update:

Sherlock Holmes: Union Street sequel (tentatively titled Art in the Blood, because that's so original): Word count 23, 487. Nearly done, the Holmesfolk will be pleased to know. Just have to catch that darned murderer. And THEN I can write my BOSC fic. And then FINA/EMPT fic after that! And then....who knows?

Gregson/Lestrade fic with amaronith : Word count 6,884. It's going to be fabulous, just y'all wait. There's crossdressing, and corsets, and Mrs. Hudson giving Lestrade cooking lessons. No, I am not kidding. On hold for the moment, as Amaro is working on Nano and school stuffs. But seriously, it's gonna be fabulous.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: SAINW Bishop/Leo fic (No title. I'll think of something emo enough eventually): Word count 7,276. I love this fic, I really do, but I can only write it when I'm depressed. Sad but true. It's SAINW, and it's supposed to span the entire 30 years between Don's disappearance and everyone's deaths at the end. And so far I'm about....three weeks in. Please note that Bishop and Leo have already slept together. >_>  LEO YOU SLUT! WHAT WOULD YOUR DADDY THINK?! D:

Bishop/Zixx fic (which I have decided to name Spark, for reasons that would get me laughed at): Word count 1, 061. This one is slow going. Partly, I think, because it's FF, and I have to actually watch FF to make it happen. Now, Bishop's tight pants make this...somewhat less of a chore than it would be otherwise, but still. Also, it's got tons of plot to go with the snarky sexy slash between the boys. And Stockman is an actual character rather than a brain with an ego the size of Alaska. I've never tried to write him with depth before. It's weird.

...Oh yeah! I promised liek_woah86  that I would someday write House of Cards squash!fic! I'LL DO IT, I PROMISE. MAYBE I'LL EVEN DO IT BEFORE YOU RETURN FROM YOUR HIATUS. 8D

...probably not. Still, the squash match between Tim Stamper and Roger O'Neill is the most cracktastic thing in the history of ever and needs to be written about. Just saying. I think Tim cheats. And I think Roger is too coked out smart to call him on it.

Oct. 19th, 2009

Tim Stamper

Guess what day it is?!

....well, it's not October 20th over here yet, but I figured that since the UK is roughly six hours ahead of me, I'd better get an early start. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN JEAVONS!! In honor of this joyous event, I am posting picspam! OFF YOUTUBE, NO LESS. BEHOLD THE EXTENT OF MY LOVE!

follow the cut!Collapse )

Oct. 14th, 2009

Tim Stamper

"Go to Strasbourg, do not pass go, do not collect 200 pounds, and don't bloody well come back!"

So after watching To Play the King and The Final Cut, I have come to one two conclusions.

One, I have to write fic for HoC.

Mind, I've been announcing this intention for ages, so it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. But before I start it, I have to get my Holmes/Lestrade sequel of plot monster death finished, as well as the Gregson/Lestrade fic amaronith  and I are writing together.

I'm up to my eyeballs in Colin Jeavons, and life is good. Also, Granada, I reject your Gregson! He fugs, and is not up to CJ's standards. I am hereby erasing him from my personal canon and replacing him with Daniel Craig. Or if anyone can name me a hotter blond Englishman, I'm open to suggestions. Daniel Craig just came to mind because I watched Defiance earlier this week. Great movie, and he was so sexy in it. Of course, any WWII movie where they give the Jews guns is good in my book. GET 'EM, GUYS!

I digress.

As the the second intention, I think that as there are, oh....*counts on her fingers* six or seven big HoC fans out there on the internet, and that we're starting to write fic, that we ought to have our own community. I brought it up in the comments on liek_woah86 's gorgeous fic, and people seemed to dig the idea.  We bandied about with making it a Colin Jeavons com, but really, HoC deserves its own special corner of the internet. Not that there's anything wrong at all with a CJ-centric community. The man needs more love. And I need more picspam, so it would be all kinds of good. Trouble is, I fail at making and promoting communities. And I don't have a paid account, so if I were to try to create the thing, there would be ads and it would not be at all pretty. Urquhart does not want a second rate community, and Elizabeth might shoot me to atone for the disgrace. So I can't do it myself. *sad* But if people are still on board with the idea, I will lend them my full support. And meager skills as a writer. XD And if the mods were to refer to themselves as Whips it would be hilarious.

Anyway. Onto my thoughts on To Play the King.
through hereCollapse )

Oct. 6th, 2009

Tim Stamper

"If I had a dog like that I'd shoot it"

Watched House of Cards pretty much as soon as it came. Oh, Stamper, you are such an evil fucker. I shouldn't laugh at all your lines, but I can't help myself. Anyway, I've only seen the first part so far (DVDs are not coming as quickly as they should. Why does no one ship to the Midwest in a timely fashion?! *sad sigh* And the torrents are going very slow as well. >_> Yes, I got both. Did you know my DVD has a corrupted .VOB file so I can't rip it to my computer? Clearly the only thing to do was to dig deep into the recesses of the internet and pull out the torrent. *is just glad she found one* Was like pulling teeth, I tell you. Anyway, my thoughts on HoC, let me show you them.

Spoilers (I think)Collapse )

Sep. 23rd, 2009

Baker Street Trio

I have an important announcement!

The sequel to The Union Street Affair is being reworked to include more porn.

That is all.

Sep. 8th, 2009

Raphie luvs

Shamelessly stolen quiz here!

Taken from lvsinsanity because it looked interesting.

Your result for The Cultural Identity Test...

The Kaffeeklatsch Savant

56% Traditionalism, 64% Knowledge, 63% Diversity, 49% Contemporary and 43%

Hey there, Modern Thinker! At the forefront of your generation, you possess the uncanny ability to ride the waves of untraditionalism that course through our fickle society and remain at the crest! Ever aware of the changing tides of politics and philosophy, you have your own niche and you stick to it. With a healthy disdain for hypocrisy and pretense, you have the temerity to say so, and are well aware of the unpleasant facts that your contemporaries try to brush under the rug. Perhaps you're even something of a cynic!

Not into the latest headlines or 'ground breaking' news? Don't really care about that archaeological discovery in Tibet that suggests Cro-Magnon man had twenty five teeth instead of twenty seven? You find other cultures interesting, but you most likely won't go out of your way to do anything about it. You know where you stand, and that's the bottom line. Well, you aren't alone, and you're actually in some pretty good company. Oscar Wilde, John Simon, Dorothy Parker and George Bernard Shaw were some of the great modern thinkers of their time, and they maintained their positions by steadfastly refusing to succumb to either the preposterous notions of the past or the rambling obsequiousness of trendy and idealistic fads of the day.

Less of an idealist and not so devoted to traditions, there's a good chance your idea of the world is your own and you don't necessarily care about what others think you should be thinking. The past? The future? This is the present, and no amount of planning for the future or lamenting the past will change that. So, you probably have a good idea of where you stand and what makes sense. And then again if nothing makes sense, it's ok, because it probably isn't that important anyways. Apathy towards current affairs can be a good thing often times. After all, are those vicissitudinous ideas the politicians spout all the time really that meaningful? They really just want your vote, and you aren't fooled by all the clever talk.

You were scored as a Modern Thinker because you most consistently chose answers relating to contemporary ideas. Concepts like race, tradition, history, and your heritage don't appear to have all that great an attraction for you, which is just fine, because most of those things don't seem to affect your day to day life. If you can get along without worrying about the traditional mating headgear of the Papu Papu tribe of Eastern Samoa, then that's just one less thing to worry about. And if you do care about such things, then you've managed to find the perfect blend between contemporary ideas and the enriching intellectualism that is so readily available to questing minds.


....Yep. That's pretty much me in a nutshell, folks. *shrugs*


Sep. 5th, 2009

Here Come the Fuzz

"In my defense, the cheese was a rectangular prism."

Hello my dear flistees~ It's been a terribly long time since I've posted anything, so lest you think that I've drifted off into the internet, I'm posting some WIP snippets of fics I've been working on. YES, IT IS TRUE. I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN DOING SOMETHING FOR THE LAST MONTH OR TWO. 8D

Okay, here's the good stuff. Note that none of them actually have titles yet, because....titles are evil and evade me like evasive things.
Sherlock Holmes Union Street Affair sequel: Holmes/Lestrade NC-17Collapse )


TMNT FF: Bishop/Zixx NC-17Collapse )


TMNT SAINW: Bishop/Leo RCollapse )



Jul. 6th, 2009

Baker Street Trio

Considering the amount of sleep I've gotten this week, I'm surprisingly coherent. I think.

I am hardly the first, nor will I be the last, to complain about the general lack of reliable chronology in the Sherlock Holmes canon. I know this. I knew it when I began writing in the fandom. *deep breath*

BUT IT'S REALLY PISSING ME OFF! I do not have the funds (nor the Mycroft to supply them, much as I wish I did) to get my hands on The Annotated Sherlock Holmes. Not that this stopped me from buying the stories, and if I can't find what I'm looking for online, I may just sacrifice gas/food money and buy the darned thing anyway, but I'm holding out for the moment.

I LOVE timelines. I am a precise stickler for these sorts of things, and in my other fandoms, you would see me going back to check the canon timeline for every little detail (which helped you out on AIM last night, didn't it spacefille ? XD). But with Holmes, the timeline is so convoluted and filled with bloody plot holes that I have very little frame of reference. Everything breaks down into either pre-Morstan, pre-Reichenbach, or post-Hiatus. Or, in Wisteria Lodge, mid-Hiatus. o.O

....You know what? Screw it. I'm saying Watson fudged the dates on purpose to throw people off. It's the only thing that makes sense! Unless one wants to entertain the notion that he was just careless, which doesn't seem much like Watson to me. I know Watson's not the most organized man, or he'd have killed Holmes over the mess in Baker Street before Mary got a chance to steal him away, but it seems to me that his writing, something he takes great pride in, would be one of the areas where he pays attention to detail. He certainly takes careful notes of the cases while they're going on, and describes them most particularly in the stories. So why then are any details that would allow the readers to form a comprehensive chronology of Holmes' life and career left out and/or prone to sloppy mistakes?

I think he did it deliberately. I'm not sure whether this is to make it harder for readers to trace stories in the papers, or to protect the identities of clients, or what, but the more I stare at it the more I think the dates were confused on purpose.


Please note that this will not stop me from agonizing over the timeline. >_>

Jun. 23rd, 2009


It's Like a Clown Car! With Mexicans!

I need a title for my Sherlock Holmes fanfic that I'm writing. Nothing comes to mind. Hate when that happens. Also, I am out of coke and Mom has forbidden me to listen to loud music.


Maybe I'll bury myself in Vegas until it's time to get ready for work. Cracky videos can make the pain go away. I hope

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